Glass Mala Bracelets with Charlotte

mala (plural malas or mala) A bead or a set of beads for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra.
Join Charlotte on the riverbank for a peaceful afternoon stringing a glass bead bracelet and learning how to use a mala for meditation.
Saturday September 9th 2-4pm $65/person

This workshop will take place at the riverfront of our new location at 279 Borden Road.

Papyrus Techniques Mini Workshop

Learn how to use papyrus paper and fibre paper to create new dimensions in fused glass. We will be working small but these techniques can easily be translated into bigger pieces. Five different sample pieces will be created to play with the different techniques. Previous fusing experience is an asset but not mandatory.

Thursday September 21st 6:30-8:30 $35/student


Introduction to Enamelling

Enamelling Introductory Saturday August 26 With instructor Shannon Kennedy of Cynosure
Learn the fantastic technique of enamelling through this intensive and fun-filled day.
Enamelling allows you to add colour and style to your jewellery through the medium of glass. In this beginners level class you will learn about this ancient technique and explore the possibilities of working with enamel. Techniques covered in this class include: Preparing metal for enamelling, Sifting techniques and stencilling, Enamelling onto copper, Sawing your own blank, Wet Packing and much more. Throughout the day, you will be able to make 2-3 lovely pieces of jewellery using the copper blanks and have lots of new ideas and inspiration to take away with you. Everything is provided, however if you have any ideas of what you would like to make, feel free to bring pictures and sketches.*Duration: 10am – 5pm (1 hour lunch break with lunch included in course fee)

*Workshop Fee: $160.00 plus HST

*Material Fee: $25.00 (paid to instructor)

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Enamel on PMC Pendant

With instructor Shannon Kennedy of Cynosure, enjoy a casual afternoon by the river and create a silver pendant with enamel colour accents and Precious Metal Clay. Precious Metal Clay is a substance that in its original state is as malleable and versatile as clay and transforms under the torch to pure silver. Add colour to the textured pendant with enamel powder. Instructors will torch-fire your creations and they will come to life right before your eyes. Wear your creation home the same day! Friday August 25 2:30-6pm
*Duration: 3.5 hours
* Workshop Fee: $70.00 plus HST = $79.10
*Material Fee: $25 (paid to Instructor)
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Advanced Powder Class

This class is for students who have completed a beginner class or equivalent. The focus of this intensive class will be the use of powders in a variety of techniques. Shading, mixing with binders, cold combing, wafers, and sculpting powder surface textures are some of the effects covered. The focus is on one of a kind pieces so students will make their own designs for stencils, and create their own layered thick designs on clear bases.

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Make a Pendant-book any time!

Contact Jennifer at to book any day and time that suits. There is no minimum number to participate so book for one person or several. This is a one hour session without glass cutting. We have loads of colourful glass in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Your assembled pendant will go in the kiln and be ready for you within 48 hours.

Cost per student for one pendant: $10

PARTY NIGHTS (or days)

Pick a night (or during the day) and grab some friends for a unique experience!

Choose from a variety of options such as pendants, sun-catchers or coasters and mosaic 8×10″ dishes. Spend approximately two hours playing with glass and visiting with friends. At the end of the evening your creations go into the kiln. Finished pieces are ready for pick up within a week. This class offers a little bit of glass teaching and a lot of creativity and laughter. Read more for details:

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Soap Dish Workshops-book any time!

Make your own soap dish to match one of our locally made bars of soap. This is a fun one hour workshop with no experience necessary. A great opportunity to come out on your own or with a friend or relative. Class times are booked on demand so email Jennifer at to arrange a time.

$20/soap dish (includes a bar of soap).

Photos in thick glass


Note: the next session of the photos in thick glass will be in January 2018. We will be offering a mini two session course in October 2017. Details coming soon!

Here it is! This class has been requested so many times I have lost count. It is a tricky one to plan so it took me a while to work out the details.

Students will learn how to embed photography into thick fused glass. We will work on how to prepare your photographs, design and composition of the photo and the finished glass piece, adding powdered glass designs for additional depth and interest, and planning for multi step complex glass art.

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Colourful Landscape in Powder

This is a two class project for students with previous fused glass experience.

This 6″x8″ all glass landscape is created entirely with glass powders. We will also create a glass base to display the finished piece. 

Each student will also come away with a selection of smaller pieces that can be used for pendants, key chains, etc. Continue reading Colourful Landscape in Powder

Beginner Fused Glass

This four week class is a great introduction to fusing and art glass techniques. You will learn to create a number of projects from jewellery to plates. Once finished you will not only have beautiful art to display but you will also have an excellent grasp of how glass behaves at different temperatures. This introduction will give you the skills required to rent studio time and further your practice in glass. Careful glass is very addictive!

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Fused Tiles & Roll Ups

Learn Hot Combing or Pattern Bar Techniques at Current Works of Glass

Hot Combing and Pattern bar techniques are wonderful for decorative panels, bowls, platters, dishes, and even jewellery. They are also great as tiles for blown glass roll ups. We are offering private lessons on both techniques. Each tile involves approximately three visits to the studio to learn the different steps.

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Glass Gabbing

One hour of brain storming and Q&A on all things glass. Bring your ideas, questions, or simply curiosity and we will chat about it. Free for Studio Time Card holders and $5 at the door for everyone else.

Sessions are held on the last Thursday of the month from 6:30-7:30 and the last Friday of the month from 10am-11am.

Please email to register.


Intro to Sandblasting

No previous glass experience is required. This two hour session offers students an introduction to sandblasting on glass. Students will use the drill press to drill a hole in a glass base then sandblast an image. We will use glass ornaments as our “test piece”. Once students complete this intro course they are welcome to rent time on the sandblaster. Note: any glass can be etched in our sandblasting room. Once you have learned the basics you can bring in wine glasses, vases, anything glass and personalize it.


September 7th 7-8:30pm BOOK ONLINE

September 19th 10-11:30 am BOOK ONLINE




Kiln Casting Level 1 with France Grice


Next session is in the spring. Contact

Come and learn about glass casting from one of the area’s finest sculptors in glass!

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